After years of working in the music industry, Wendy Child, a Nashville-based songwriter and artist, has settled into a style that is uniquely hers. At 16 Wendy signed a management contract and began writing songs with anyone she could find. This experience launched her into the world of co-writing, where she met her writing partners that make up the group The Lady & I. This writing trio began to get placements in TV sync spots and continues to work with a company called Music Bed, a highly curated online licensing platform. 

As a writer, Wendy loves to write in every genre. As an artist, Wendy’s taste is for get-up-and-dance pop. Wendy is currently working on a batch of new music that, although she has released 4 Eps in the past, is finally hitting the pop mark she has been aiming for. Working with a variety of writers and producers (including her husband Michael Child), her new music is sure to inspire! Currently a Nashville resident, Wendy is the up-and-coming artists to keep your eye on!

Promo Pics

Notable SynC Licenses 

Special K National Commercial (2010)

Spotify Advertisement Campaign: (2015)

RetailMeNot Christmas Online Commercial (2015)   Watch It Here

MeUndies Online Ad (2017) Watch It Here

NordicTrack Fusion Testimonial Commercial (2017) Watch It Here


“I love it when I come across a voice I just can’t place well. She has just the right amount of clarity and conciseness blended with just the right hints of grunge-decay on the tailings of some of the phrasing that’s really enjoyable to listen to. If you get a chance to see her and you like smooth easy-listening folky-jazzy chanteuse-ish songs, you won’t be disappointed.” - Butch Leitz, The Gazette

Contact Info


Phone: (719) 237-2747