After years of working in the music industry, Wendy Child, a Nashville-based songwriter and artist, has settled into a pop style that is uniquely her own. At 16 Wendy signed a management contract and began writing and recording music for tv and film. Wendy currently works with Musicbed, a highly curated online sync licensing platform and has landed many notable licenses (see below).

As an artist, Wendy’s taste is for get-up-and-dance pop. She is currently working on a batch of new music that, although she has released 4 Eps in the past, is finally hitting the pop mark she has been aiming for. Working with a variety of writers and producers (including The Infinites and her husband Michael Child), her new music is sure to inspire! After her latest successful releases “Boss Lady” and “Suitcase,” Wendy is the up-and-coming artists to keep your eye on!

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Notable SynC Licenses 

Special K National Commercial (2010)

Spotify Advertisement Campaign: (2015)

RetailMeNot Christmas Online Commercial (2015)   Watch It Here

MeUndies Online Ad (2017) Watch It Here

NordicTrack Fusion Testimonial Commercial (2017) Watch It Here


“I love it when I come across a voice I just can’t place well. She has just the right amount of clarity and conciseness blended with just the right hints of grunge-decay on the tailings of some of the phrasing that’s really enjoyable to listen to.” - Butch Leitz, The Gazette

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Phone: (719) 237-2747

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